Saturday, March 11, 2017

Time for a St. Patrick's Day Party w/ Taste of the Wild!

St Patrick is known as the patron saint of Ireland. True, he was not  born Irish, but he has become an integral part of the Irish heritage since the 5th century. Today St. Patrick's Day has become a more secular holiday and is commonly thought of as a celebration of the Irish and Irish culture on March 17. The leprechaun, a Celtic fairy, is a chief symbol of this holiday, along with the shamrock, an ancient symbol for the triple goddess Brigit. It is fitting that this holiday should fall at the time of the year when the return of spring begins to seem at hand; or so we thought until yesterday when Connecticut got blasted with six inches of snow and more is expected this coming week !  To get in a holiday mood, we have decided to try the new catfood sent to us by called "Taste of the Wild" Rocky Mountain flavor which you can get from chewy at a 14% discount.

I decided Taste of the Wild  Rocky Mountain flavor with real salmon, chicken liver and roasted venison in gravy would be the purrfect food for my frisky felines to try in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  I am hoping it will bring a little variety to their diet and encourage their inner tiger to come out for a prowl! Sabu and Zoey seem to love it!

I was impressed that this food actually contains smoked salmon which I know my Tonkinese love.  The bite size chunks are full of protein that is so important for overall cat health. Venison is a highly digestible lean protein source that adds a bit of variety to your cat's diet and also provides nutrients that support strong bones and muscles. Sabu really likes the gravy which also helps him get the water he needs. 

Best of all, A Taste of the Wild is supplemented with antioxidants from fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, blueberries and raspberries that are also good sources of  fiber and vitamin C and A . In addition, Wild Rocky Mountain is grain free and loaded with vitamins including taurine a type of amino acid that is critical for your cat's vision, digestion and heart muscle function. And, who can resist the bright eyes of a cat... my little friend Lars calls Mocha lemonade eyes!

The brand, Taste of the Wild is based on the philosophy that our cats (and dogs too) crave a taste of the wild and their formulas are based on a grain free diet that relies on quality meat and fish plus probiotics that will maximize the nutritional health benefits for your pet, as nature intended. The company has five manufacturing facilities in the U.S. including north and central California, Missouri, South Carolina and Arkansas.

As far as storing canned food it is important to remember that you shouldn't leave an open can of Taste of the Wild out for more than thirty minutes.  It is important to store partially eaten cans properly by covering them or by putting them in an airtight container in the fridge. Cans stored this way should be kept no longer than three days after opening.

When I think of St. Patrick's day, I also think of  Limerick's that gained popularity in the pubs of Ireland where Irish poets composed limericks during their drinking sessions, including some say, a pub in Limerick that was already noted for its pub crawl chorus, "Will you please come up to Limerick ?"

We have a cat named Sabu
 So very bad he is Taboo
I am elegant and must hunt
Not get sent to the front
But without chewy I would bid you adieu

Maxx is the master of staring
He is not disturbed when the music is blaring
At the top of the stairs he looks down
With bright lemonade eyes like a clown
Meowing for chewy for  sharing

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Goat's Milk Purrfect Pairing... for the gang of Five is Solid Gold

Pasteurized and homogenized cow's milk is the most common form of milk consumption in most of the western world; in some parts of the world however, goat's milk is the drink of choice and interestingly enough, goat's milk is digested in 20 minutes whereas cow's milk takes 24-hours.   As I dug a little deeper I saw that the  American Journal of Medicine stated... "goat's milk is the most complete food known" - wow that is a lofty statement that left me stunned as I always thought cow's milk was the most healthy type of all!

This month sent me six containers of  Purrfect Pairings Chicken Mousse cat food with Goat Milk by Solid Gold  -- and, I couldn't wait for  my cats to try it especially considering all the health benefits of goat's milk.  Just what are those benefits for cats (and humans alike)... well they are pretty extensive - goat's milk contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids that are easy for to absorb.  As for the  food from Solid Gold--  I really liked the smell and consistency of this  creamy light and airy grain and gluten free chicken mousse and so did Zivah and Zoey... it was a feeding  delight for the girls!

The added goat milk to this nutrient rich chicken mousse contains essential vitamins including taurine that is the essential amino acid in cats for normal vision, digestion and heart function. For this cat owner, best of all it comes in an easy to serve plastic cup that serves a perfect portion and is easily disposable.  Goat's milk is easily absorbed; the fatty acids in this milk increases digestibility which is especially good for those poor kitty's with sensitive stomachs.  Let's not forget all the vitamins and minerals and naturally occurring probiotics that goat milk contains. In a nutshell goat's milk is easy to digest and causes less allergic reactions because it doesn't contain complex proteins, it has a buffering element  and alkalinizes the digestive system because it is it has high concentrations of amino acid L-glutamine.  And, the Tonks are not going to be left out of all this goodness!

It is hard to believe February is almost over and that spring is around the corner.  This is the time of year the gang of five starts to get restless in anticipation of long walks in the yard and grass.  This is the look of anticipation and  a cat well fed with Solid Gold Purrfect Pairing... chicken and goat milk! So check out where every order over $49 ships free in two days!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Brush Up February -- National Pet Dental Month & Black History Month!

It seems these days every month connotes something to remember. February, for example is not only Black History month it is also Library Lovers Month, Grapefruit Month, Love the Bus Month among many others.  For the purpose of this blog, February is also Prevent a Litter Month, Responsible Pet Owner's Month and National Pet Dental Month.  So this month I decided to review Purina's Pro-Plan Dental Crunches Cat Snacks. The purpose of these crunchy wonders is to help reduce cat tartar build up or gingivitis on your cat's teeth. 

I have lived with cats almost all of my life but it wasn't until 20 years ago that I started to hear how important regular dental care is for cats, especially Himalayans, Siamese and Tonkinese, breeds that are predisposed to dental problems. A national study has found that not only humans are living longer, so are cats (dogs too) ! Today, the average age of a cat is 12.9 years or roughly 70 human years, this number is up from 12.1 in 2013 and, up from just 11 years in 2012.  One reason cats are living longer is because pet owners are more educated about their pets needs and because pets have more regular checkups with their vets and they are getting better nutrition; just look at all the natural pet food that is available. 

Purina's Pro-Plan Dental Crunches Cat Snacks are formulated with all natural chicken and liver flavors with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Their crunchy texture helps to clean teeth by reducing tartar build up with the added benefit of freshening your cat's breath.

This month is offering Purina's Pro-Plan Dental Crunches Cat Snacks at 20% off and at just over $3.00 a bag, they were worth the try for this "responsible pet owner"! Unfortunately, my Himalayans didn't take to these at all; it is a pity because this breed is notorious for dental problems; maybe they found them difficult to eat because of their size; their mouths are considerably smaller than those of the Tonks.   My Tonkinese on the other hand seemed to enjoy crunching on them...although there are other treats that they like better...of course!

The "experts" have three basic suggestions for best practices in feline dental care. The first is brushing your cat's teeth with special cat toothpaste.  Do I even have to say it... good luck with that! Another suggestion is to feed your cat dental snacks and incorporate dry food in your cat's diet. Dry food and dental snacks help to keep gums healthy and to remove tartar build up. The third way of course is to schedule annual or bi-annual cleanings with your vet. So, don't forget to check out for these dental treats and many other items. If you order more than $49, shipping is  free!

Celebrate Black History Month - Marion AndersonStudio, Danbury CT

She was one of the greatest contraltos of the twentieth century, the woman who broke the color barrier at the Metropolitan Opera. She is remembered by many as a courageous role model for her outdoor concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial after she was denied a performance at Constitution Hall because of her color, an event that drew 75,000 people. Now Marian Anderson's inspiring story is told to future generations at her Studio in Danbury Connecticut managed by the DanburyMuseum and Historical Society.

The exhibits show the extraordinary accomplishments of a girl born in 1897, who was denied even an audition at a music school because of her color, and who persevered to become a role model for her race and her nation. The Connecticut General Assembly made the farm one of the prime sites on its Freedom Trail commemorating the struggle of African Americans. With a curved ceiling, mini-kitchen, bath and fireplace, the handsome studio was a rehearsal place as well as a private retreat for the singer. It was designed by her architect husband, Orpheus Fisher, when the couple purchased a 48-acre farm in 1943 as a country house in Danbury. Known as Marianna Farm, it became Anderson's full time home from the time she retired from the stage in 1965, remaining even after her husband's death in 1986 until shortly before her death in 1993. 

Marian Anderson was active in the Danbury community and is warmly remembered by residents for her support of local music programs. After Anderson's death, when developers proposed to subdivide the property and build a road going directly through the studio's location, the community was alarmed. In 1996 the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation designated the structure as one of the state's most important threatened historic places. The developers agreed to donate the building to the Danbury Museum and Historical Society, and in 1999 it was removed to the Museum campus on Danbury's Main Street. Today, visitors are invited to tour this iconic studio and other attractions such as the Dodd Hat Shop on the Museum's campus. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

In Love with Weruva !

What better way to celebrate the first nor'easter of the year than trying out the new Blue Water White fish cat treat by Weruva, a company that is named after their three rescue cats, Webster, Rudi and Vanessa. According to the company website, all the formulas for their food and freeze dried treats are produced in a human food facility using many ingredients and processes are used in products made for people.

Weruva must be doing something right because the cat treats, especially the Whitefish are hands down my Tonk's favorite treats. They love putting their paws in the container and pulling out their treats -- the more the merrier!  Although the Blue Water Whitefish Treat is a little pricey, is offering it for 37% off  making it affordable and if your cat loves these single protein treats as much as mine do, it is well worth the money!

There is so much I love about this grain and gluten free cat treat including the neat little cube shape of this freeze dried treat that keeps its shape and texture.  Another thing I like is that the company takes time to identify the type of fish they use and that they only use sustainable fish that are purchased from regulated fishing vessels.  One small  concern about fish in a cat's diet  is the mercury levels it contains.  The good news is that although fish will have some level of mercury, Weruva only uses fish that meets the FDA's list of those lower in mercury.  Not to worry, Weruva also makes a paw lickin chicken dried treat that the Tonks love so alternating between the two is the way to go.

This special treat is made of freeze dried whitefish that is specified as a boneless fish filet that has a guaranteed analysis of 76.6% crude protein, 7.0 % crude fat, 0.1% crude fibre and 5.0% moisture. This treat is grain free and can be fed to your cat or dog in one of two ways; as is or crumbled up on wet food as an extra treat. My Tonks enjoy the whole cubed pieces of fish so much that I usually feed them two or three cubes of fish a day...unless they  manage to pull out more than that!

I also love the packaging which is a tall thin cardboard container with a plastic lid that seals in the freshness of these treats and keeps them from crumbling; some of the freeze dried treats have a tendency to crumble on their own, these don't.  Needless to say, when my Tonks hear the "pop" of the container opening, they come running and begging for these great tasting healthy treats.  Sabu actually gets so excited that he snorts while eating the blue water whitefish treats... in their mind, this is the perfect snack for them and they just can't seem to get enough!

News from Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo....

Kuma, our Brazilian Ocelot, is excited to congratulate her daughter Ayla on the birth of her baby boy November 17, 2016 at The Buffalo Zoo.
Did you know, our Kuma is one of only five Brazilian Ocelots in the past twenty years, to give birth after successful laparoscopic artificial insemination? Not only that, she did it TWICE!
Her two daughters, Milagre and Ayla, now reside at Dallas Zoo and The Buffalo Zoo respectively.
To learn more about Species Survival Plan® (SSP) Program and other conservation efforts check out "The Tangible Benefits of Artificial Insemination for Conservation of Brazilian Ocelots" in the link below.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Time for a Tiki Party!

Tiki, the very word conjures up romantic images of Polynesia and the South Pacific's thousand or so scattered islands including Hawaii, Easter Island, Tahiti, Fuji, Samoa, and New Zealand. According to the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, the god like figure, the Tiki was the first human in existence and the creator of mankind. Eventually, the term,  Tiki began to be used by Polynesian people to mean the carved statues they created in the likeness of their gods. For my cats, Tiki means  Luau time especially with the Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Variety Pack available at 

All of my furry felines (some furrier than others) said  "Aloha"  with enthusiasm to this fabulous pack of food by Tiki  Cat Food that includes six flavors  fresh seafood choices that have never been frozen including: Sardine Cutlets (with huge chunks of sardines), Ahi Tuna (Sabu's favorite), Tuna in Crab Surimi Consomme, Ahi Tuna with Crab, Mackerel and Sardines in Calamari Consomme, and Sardine Cutlets in Lobster Consomme (Mocha's Favorite).  I love the fact that not only do my fab five felines love this food but that it contains lots of moisture and is grain free. This pack of 12 contains 2.8 oz cans in each variety so you can mix it up -- ensuring that your cat will never get bored with their food!

The sardine chunks, caught primarily in the Western Pacific are impressive and perfect for my cat carnivores...this recipe is made using  sardines that are caught in the wild and sliced into cutlets and cooked in their own consomme broth, vegetable gums are added at the end to provide a lap it up jelly that protects the pieces from falling apart. In the final stage, sunflower oil, vitamins and minerals are added for extra nutritional value. 

The girls, Zivah, like a true jungle cat and Zoey are waiting in the wings... and ready to join the Tiki Party fun... so it's time to open another can of Tiki Cat food and let the felines indulge in some Ahi Tuna that is made with wild caught Ahi Tuna loin that is flaked and topped with shredded wild crab meat and simmered in a broth made with crab shells.   It is love at first bit... they just can't get enough of Tiki Cat Food! This is really easy to get from that has  1-2 day free shipping for orders over $49!