Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sabu the Birthday Boy and Natural Balance

Sabu my Tonkinese is two years old today!  He is everything and more that the Tonkinese breed is known for and beloved by many.  The Tonkinese breed, or "tonks" is a breed that came about as a result of crossing the siamese and burmese breeds with the result of a very solid medium size cat that is reminiscent of the apple headed siamese cats of 25 plus years ago...with an amazing personality... even though my breeder told me (Sabu's parents are from Thailand) that Sabu was the shy... quiet one!  This of course is not true at all -- but then again, you have to gain the trust of some cats.  Tonks have a long history in Thailand and resemble chocolate colored Siamese. Sabu is a sable Tonk -- he is amazing!

To celebrate Sabu's birthday, I decided to try a new brand of cat food by Natural Balance - Venison and Green Pea Limited Ingredient Diet.  This food is being offered by at a 20% descount making it a great value and affordable to try. It is a good change from the proteins  -- beef, chicken and fish that my cats normally eat.

This is a grain free food that has a limited  number of premium protein and carbohydrate sources with the added health benefit of  pea flour made from split peas that is a better alternative to wheat or rice flour.  The Venison and Green Pea cat food by New Balance is designed to support healthy digestion and to maintain skin and coat health.  Sabu's coat is as sleek and soft as silk so maintaining his coat is  very important. It also provides a healthy diet for cats of all ages.

I choose venison because it is not usually found in pet food and I thought it would be a special treat for Sabu and company!  I also liked the fact that this food contains additional taurine that  helps to maintain healthy heart function and includes canola and salmon oil that are excellent sources of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  It is fun to change up the cat food a bit and to serve them a protein that they never have tasted and that they seem to enjoy.  This  food did have a rather distinctive smell -- not bad -- just  a bit stronger than that I usually  feed them.   It was gone in an instant...apparently they liked it --  so what do I know!   Sabu says... "Yum" to  Natural Balance - Venison and Green Pea Limited Ingredient Diet.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Think Foie Gras for Cats with Stella & Chewy!

Stella and Chewy was started in 2003 and was inspired by a sick pup and a very good vet that recommended a “raw” diet.   Thankfully, the pup recovered and Stella & Chewy became a successful business in the pet food industry.  I like the fact that the founder of this company, Marie Moody worked with animal nutritionists to create unique recipes; I also like the fact that the food is made in a plant in Wisconsin.  I am always on the lookout for a new treat for my cats from, so I decided to try Stella & Chewy’s Duck DuckGoose Dinner Morsels … think Foie Gras for cats  -- and my five absolutely love it !  Best of all, it is 20 % off from!

Duck Duck Goose is made with 100% cage free poultry with no added hormones or antibiotics.  There are no grains, artificial preservatives or color in it.  The freeze-drying process maintains vital proteins; vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural enzymes cats need to thrive.  It is enhanced with parsley for added vitamin K, pumpkin seed that aids in digestion and probiotics that helps to keep your cat’s immune system strong.

Duck Duck Goose comes freeze dried in the form of semi –soft bite size morsels that allow pet parents to feed cats this food in one of several ways. You can feed the morsels as they are like a treat, sprinkle them over other wet or dry cat food; or you can rehydrate them by adding ½ a cup of warm water to one cup of morsels. I add a little extra water to the morsels because water is good for cats and also because my cats prefer a softer pate.  If your cat has dental problems adding extra water will make it easier for your cat to eat while ensuring good water intake.

The minute I open the bag of Duck Duck Goose Dinner Morsels, my cats come running.  They watch me with great interest when I am mixing up a batch of morsels and devour it when I put the bowl down.  They really love it!  Most of all, I think they prefer this food as a nighttime treat!   I have caught them sitting by the bag late at night waiting to get a morsel as a treat before I head upstairs to sleep apparently it is a purrfect bedtime treat and at 20% off from it is a must have!

Travel Tips On October 1 at Ridgefield Playhouse

Pete the Cat LIVE!
Saturday, October 1 at 11am & 2pm
Ridgefield Academy Family Series
Partially underwritten by Books on The Common, South Salem Animal Hospital and Noah's Ark Animal Hospital
For Pete's sake – don't miss Pete the Cat! Join Jimmy and the hilarious blue cat, Pete, on a new adventure of friendship, all the way to Paris and back again in a VW bus. Pete the Cat never loses his cool. Jimmy Biddle never strays from his routine. Can cat and boy ever be friends? Fun songs and bright costumes keep the little ones engaged – this is the perfect show to introduce kids to live theater! Bring your book and Pete will sign it in the lobby after the show!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

I and Love and You... and... It is excellent! shipped me a new petfood brand to check out... "I and love and you"; a self admitted unconventional name from a company that hails from Boulder Colorado.  They feel the name symbolizes the incredible bond between a human and a pet... judging from the names of their other offerings... I think they have a wonderful sense of humor and looking at their ingredients, I think they are very serious about providing healthy food for our pets.   Pets give us undying and unconditional affection with lots of purrs in between.  It is hard to believe that Zoey and Zivah are turning one and that TheMaxx is turning eight; so why not have a birthday party for them trying out a new brand of cat food by I and love and you!  I even decided to serve them using my favorite dishes by Portmerion - Botanic Garden!

I was shipped the I and Love and You Variety Pack wet cat food that is offering at 46% savings!  The playful names don't stop with the company name- the variety pack comes with four cans  of: "oh my cod", "purrky turkey" and "chicken me out" recipes!  This cat food has been created under the supervision of a holistic vet; it is high in protein and includes deboned real meat,  an excellent selection of vegetables, fruits, and minerals; it is also grain free (no corn, wheat, rice, or soy fillers) and best of all my cats devoured it.

I liked the fact that this is a nice soft pate that comes out of the can easily, so easily that it allowed me to put the food in a pretty as pink cupcake holder for a festive birthday treat for Ziva, Zoey and TheMaxx.  Another plus is that the food does not have a strong smell... it actually smells pretty good... these factors, plus the most important fact, my cats liked it, makes this brand a new alternative for my gang of five!   They loved all the flavors, although purrky turkey seemed to go the quickest!

I also admire what this company is about. I and Love and You are founding members of the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition, where they collaborate to implement best practices and tools and resources for continual improvement for the benefit of our environment, communities and businesses.  It is also a company that has donated 47,000 meals to dogs and cats waiting for adoption at shelters and rescues across the country; that is the kind of company that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when purchasing their products.

Zoey is grooming after a delicious birthday meal by I and Love and You... and the two Tonks are eating their fill -- Tonks are never ever left out of any celebration!   You can order the variety pack at and treat your cats to a feast!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Is pumpkin good for cats- Tiki Cat Food has the answer!

Research has shown that cats (and dogs) like canned pumpkin and that it is good for them.   I wondered what the benefits of pumpkin could actually be and if my cats would like this colorful member of the squash family.

There are actually four important benefits to adding canned pumpkin to the diet of your cat. Pumpkin is 90% water and high in fiber making it a good source of soluble fiber content making it particularly good for preventing hairballs -- as an owner of three Himalayans this is good news.  Zoey is checking it out!

Another benefit of pumpkin is that the fiber in pumpkin can act as a binding solution through your cat's digestive tract, absorbing excess water that helps pets with diarrhea. Pumpkin is also a good way to control the weight of your cat because the fiber in the pumpkin promotes a feeling of fullness.  Pumpkin also has a high nutrient content that includes: Vitamin A, C, and E.  It also has  alpha carotene that is an antioxidant, calcium, iron and lutein that supports eye, skin and coat health.

The amount of canned pumpkin you should feed your cat can be a tricky business depending on size and eating habits of your cat, but the new cat food by Tiki Cat called Aloha Friends that includes pumpkin makes the addition of pumpkin to your cat's diet easy as pie!  And, the flavors of this new food are not only healthy because they are grain free but also cat gourmet fare -- just ask Sabu ! He inhaled the entire pouch of Tuna, Shrimp and Pumpkin in record time barely looking up from the dish while eating it!

The case of Aloha Friends by Tiki Cat is  available at  and is 20% off this month.  The case includes four  3 oz pouches of: Tuna with Tilapia & Pumpkin, Tuna with Ocean White Fish and Pumpkin,  Tuna with Shrimp and Pumpkin and, my cat's favorite and most unusual, Tuna with Calamari and Pumpkin.

This food is grain and gluten free and is made with big chunks of  flaked tuna.  The tuna and shrimp pouch actually has baby shrimp in it !  All the pouches have small pieces of pumpkin in a moisture packed broth that my cats really seem to enjoy. Sabu is now satiated (note the fleck of pumpkin on his face!) and will spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning himself and cat napping...and dreaming of another pouch of Tiki Tuna and Shrimp with pumpkin or for total decadence Tuna with calamari!

Check out for all your pet needs. The auto ship is easy to use and you can change it up to two days before your product ships. When you purchase more than $40 the shipping is free!  Another bonus when scheduling autoship with besides not having to run to the store  is that you save an extra 5% -- and for first time users of autoship, you save 20% !

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Six Best things about Cat-Man- Do & Travel Tip about Beardsley Zoo

CatManDo  according to the "urban dictionary" refers to something that only a cat can do.  For example, when a person attempts to do the same thing, such as falling on their back and landing on their feet the outcome is a "catmando"...and, too bad he broke both his legs on that fall!"  The most famous "catmando or catmandu" hails from the United Kingdom.  Catmando   a ginger colored tabby  served as joint leader of Britain's Official Monster Raving Loony Party (OMRLP) from 1995-2002 along with his owner, Howling Laud Hope.  He was the only cat ever to have led a political party, I am sure Henri le Chat Noir would be proud of him.  My guess is that Catmando would go "loony" over the Dried Bonito Flakes offered by Cat-Man-Doo  and easily available at

When I saw the brand of  Cat-Man-Doo and particularly the Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes, offered at 20% off by I just had to try them.  Bonito is a fish whose home is in the waters of the Western Pacific Ocean. It is a schooling fish that is part of the "tuna" family. Unlike a tuna, a bonito is a bony fish that is rarely eaten for its meat; rather this dark oily fish is dried and shaved into very fine, intensely flavored flakes; the Japanese use these flakes in a savory broth.  As for cats, well, my cats beg for them everytime they see the package or hear me take it out of the cabinet... they will do almost anything to get one of these treats... usually I hear a chorus of meows until they get one!

The package says these flakes are extra large -- and they really are.  They are a beautiful pinkish tan color and shaved to perfection.  The company has developed technology that extracts the oxygen from the packaging ensuring that the flakes stay fresh.  When I opened the package, the fresh wholesome fishy fragrance was amazing and I felt like they had just come out of the drying process.  Not only are the flakes large, after a month of opening and closing the package, the flakes have not shrunk or become brittle and they have amazingly retained their color and fragrance.
The  Six best things about Cat-Man-Doo  Dried Bonito Flakes are: 
1. They are all natural  and made with one single  quality ingredient, 
2. There are no preservatives
3.  They are high in protein and low in fat
4. The natural fish oil is great for keeping your cat (or dog's) fur shiny and beautiful
5. offers them at a discount .... 
6. And most importantly... my four footed furry cats Love them!

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Travel Tip

Coral reefs are widely appreciated for their beauty and spectacular biodiversity, which rivals that of tropical rainforests. Unfortunately, coral reefs are in decline worldwide due to both natural and human impacts. On Aug. 17 at 7 pm  the Beardsley Zoo  located on 1875 Noble Ave. in Bridgeport  is hosting  Dr. Joshua Idjadi from Eastern Connecticut State University to discuss the community ecology of coral reefs in Jamaica and French Polynesia. A $10 donation is suggested. There will be Refreshments.  This program will be held in the  Zoo’s  Hanson Exploration Station.