Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Power of Purr

Some cats are fluffy little butterballs and others are sleek and sinuous, independent and loving, playful and sedate,  cats have a long history of domestication and their friendship is endearing.  Best of all,  scientific studies have shown  that there is power in purring and that owning a cat has many health benefits.  I keep my cat healthy by ordering  and reviewing a multitude of healthy and hard to find items for cats from  The gang is always excited when a box from www.chewy arrives!

Cat owners are onto something. When your cat purrs within the range of 20-140 Hertz, pet parents that are nearby are therapeutically benefiting from these vibrations.  Petting a purring cat for example has been linked to lowering blood pressure and stress.  It has also been linked to decreasing symptoms of  troubled breathing or  dyspnoea, in both cats and pet parents.  Purring is good news for heart patients too; a recent study has shown that cat owners have a 40% less risk of heart attack.

To keep my cats purring, I decided to try Merrick's Backcountry Freeze Dried Raw Chicken Treats from This delicious grain free treat is made with real deboned chicken, chicken and turkey broth, chicken liver and deboned turkey for cats that crave a meaty treat as nature intended.  Backcountry uses  protein rich all natural ingredients that would have been part of the ultimate feline ancestral diet.

Merrick's Backcountry Freeze Dried Chicken Treats come in a resealable heavy plastic pouch and are on the firm side so they don't crumble in the bag as some other brands do, these treats hold their shape.  I like to mix in these pieces of raw freeze dried chicken in my cat's dry cat food as an added nutritional treat. Being freeze dried these treats are full of natural goodness and nutrients that are easily digestible. 

I also like the fact that the Merrick Company has been a family affair  since 1988.  They are located in Hereford, Texas just outside Amarillo.  The goal of the company is to craft wholesome, nutritious recipes that pets deserve. All their food is made in their kitchens in Texas with  no ingredients from China. This month at Merrick's Backcountry Dried Chicken Treats are on sale and marked down from $3.29 to $2.72 and if you use autoship the prices goes down to $2.58.  This is a very reasonable price for a high end freeze dried treat. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fancy Feast is for all kinds of cats...

Fancy  Feast by Purina has been around for 25 years...  I hope I am not dating myself... ! Purina is committed to preparing yummy  culinary "purrfect" goodness for our cats along with a balanced  nutritionally rich diet... and, really, this is a fav food for my gang of five!   Best of all  Fancy Feast Poultry and Beef Classic Pate is 33% off at!

One thing I really like about is that you can  get just about anything shipped to your door within  two days --  even Fancy Feast and at a discounted price, if you order $49 or more then shipping is free... of not shipping is only $4.95.   Purina is an iconic  pet food company, growing up, all of my dogs and cats and horses were  raised on Purina.  Needless to say Purina has years of experience in making what pets like...and, with a name like "fancy" feast... it is purrfectly yum for my cats -- they think they are "fancy" -- what I like is that Fancy Feast is made in the USA.

Fancy Feast by Purina makes many options -- grilled, gravy, chopped, etc -- but  like me, I guess my cats  are "classic"  they really like the  Fancy Feast  Classic Pate.  I like the easy flip open can and the way my  cats devour the  fancy feast pate! Fancy  Feast contains an average amount of protein and fat; a bit and more fiber than some other  foods and fewer carbs... oh well --to kick it up I add a little moisture  for my cats and supplement them with  dry food.  The point is they just love fancy feast pate...and can it really get any better than that-- it is their go to food.

Is Fancy Feast the most "healthy" cat food... (no it is not  grain  free)  however,  I think it is  a high end cat food because of the quality of the ingredients.  Fancy Feast has real chicken, turkey or beef in its food and has vitamins and minerals.  After all the point is if your cat really enjoys it...  and eats it -- then all is well...  as you see theMaxx is waiting for his  turn...he loves Fancy Feast too. It is also very affordable... and if your cats love it like mine do it is a win win and has it discounted!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Tail Wagging New Pet Merger has made a major announcement recently that they are very excited about -- they are now  working with PetSmart, the nation's largest pet supplier retailer that operates more than 1,500 stores in North America. is the nation's top online pet products retailer and one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies with more than $900 million in sales. will operate as an independent subsidiary of PetSmart.  Both companies feel this is a step in the right direction, as they both share a common goal of providing maximum pet happiness and will be able to supply pet parents with diverse offerings. If you know Chewy, you know that they always have their customers’ and pets’ best interest in mind and that they always do everything they can to ensure each and every pet parent is always 100% satisfied and over the moon with their service. carries about 30,000 products, including such premium pet food brands as Royal Canin, Nutro, Blue Wilderness and Merrick, and offers $4.95 flat rate shipping for orders under $49 and free shipping for orders over $49.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Nulo a leading cat food according to Tufts University

It is hard to believe that Easter is around the corner and with that in mind I asked to send me a new grain free cat and kitten food,  Free style Turkey and Chicken formula by Nulo because it was recently named a top pick by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.  As a matter of fact, the study found that Nulo's canned cat food was among the leading contenders in the study and was consumed by all of the test cats and in the greatest quantity proving once again that cats' tummies don't lie! Zoey is definitely interested in trying this food as I dish it out!

When choosing a cat food look for protein as the #1 ingredient and be sure to check the label to verify that the food contains high quality proteins such as poultry or fish and remember that ingredients are listed according to their weight in decreasing order. Now Zoey is ready to jump high (for her not for the Tonkinese) to try Nulo's Free style Chicken and Turkey... so there must be something to this study...and to Nulo -- thanks to for shipping it to me to review. Best of all is offering this food at 20% off and free shipping for orders over $40.

I was impressed to learn that Nulo's Free Style canned cat food was  formulated, tested and backed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).  Although the AAFCO has no regulatory authority their mission is to safeguard the health of animals and humans, ensure consumer protection and provide a level playing field of orderly commerce for the animal feed industry. It is a  pate, my cats prefer it and it has a good wholesome smell...and Sabu my Tonkinese was not about to be left out of this "taste test"!

According the study conducted by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts Nulo Turkey and Chicken canned cat food meets the  AAFCO standards for  all life stages of cats, this is especially important for multi- cat mine with cats that range from one to nine.

The top ingredients in Nulo's Free style Turkey and Chicken formula include: turkey, turkey broth, chicken, beef liver and tuna; there are no meat by-products. In addition, the formula contains vegetables and fruits to support health and essential vitamins like D2, B12 and vitamin E.  The crude protein is 11%, the fat is 6.5%, crude fiber is 0.75%, moisture is 78% and taurine is 0.1% making this a balanced healthy cat food. It comes in 5.5 oz cans and there are 24 cans to a case.

Nulo is located in Austin Texas and was started when company founders saw an increase in overweight pets and the administration of at-home insulin shots for cats and dogs. The mission the company was founded on was to create a fresh healthy cat food using only the best ingredients in order to get our pets off a "fast food" pet food diet and on a healthy wholesome diet that is created in small batches to ensure that your four legged friends are getting some of the freshest wholesome food on the market...and Zivah likes that!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Rachael Ray's New Cat Food --- Purrfection It's Nutrish! & How to store dry cat food

Rachael Ray of Food Network fame has developed a new line of cat food (dog food too) called "Nutrish" -- what a cute name, can't you hear her say it!  Anyway Rachael  used her basic cooking philosophy "simple recipes" to craft her brand of pet food.  She worked with cat nutritionists to develop Nutrish. The Indoor Complete  Chicken with Lentils and Salmon  recipes  #1 ingredient is  chicken that is combined with a "superfood blend" to make sure indoor cats are happy and healthy.  This is the first blog where fussy "TheMaxx" is eating --  he is beyond fussy but he loves this  food, so does Zoey!  TheMaxx is on the right of your  screen and distinguished as always!

So what is in this superblend of Nutrish ... well...  lentils, pumpkin, dandelion greens (this must be it!) cranberries and blueberries.  So what does this superblend mean exactly?   Lentils are naturally rich in fiber and protein; they are low in fat; basically supporting a healthy way for an indoor cat to live while maintaining  optimal weight -- and yes, we all need to  maintain a healthy weight!  Pumpkin is fiber rich and good for digestion,  cranberries and blueberries are rich in  antioxidants and good sources of minerals  like vitamin C that helps cat maintain a good immune system.

Leafy dandelion greens are high in fiber that has natural prebiotics your cat will benefit from. Another thing I really like about  Nutrish , especially for Himalayan cats with their small mouths is the size of this food...another reason why TheMaxx is purring when eating it!  He really is... because it is easy for him to eat.   I have never heard him purr and eat, honest!   Thank you,  Rachael Ray for crafting this new kibble piece with  it's  unique shape and taste.  It  has a certain crunch to it... and is not too big and not too small.  It is  purrfect for  a cat to  chew and swallow.  The Tonks however are never to be left out... they like Nutrish  a lot too...

This month I am so glad I asked to send this to me for a  review -- it  is 36% off, and honestly, my  cats, all five love it!  My next thought is how Rachael Ray would suggest  to store the food.. I am not sure what suggestions Rachael would have and I am sure  she has many tips she would want to add... but -  here are a few basics that I follow....

1. Store food in a cool, dry location to keep it fresh... try a bag or a plastic container that seals tight. Never let moisture in the food 

2. I never put "fresh" dry food into  a container with "older" dry food.  I finish it up, wash the container and then put in the new food. 

3. I usually never have to check the sell by date, but yes, cat food now has that... so -- make sure you keep that in mind.  If you are really ambitious you can cut out the production code and best before date and tape it to the  container... thankfully, I never have to do this with all the hungry cats I have to feed!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Time for a St. Patrick's Day Party w/ Taste of the Wild!

St Patrick is known as the patron saint of Ireland. True, he was not  born Irish, but he has become an integral part of the Irish heritage since the 5th century. Today St. Patrick's Day has become a more secular holiday and is commonly thought of as a celebration of the Irish and Irish culture on March 17. The leprechaun, a Celtic fairy, is a chief symbol of this holiday, along with the shamrock, an ancient symbol for the triple goddess Brigit. It is fitting that this holiday should fall at the time of the year when the return of spring begins to seem at hand; or so we thought until yesterday when Connecticut got blasted with six inches of snow and more is expected this coming week !  To get in a holiday mood, we have decided to try the new catfood sent to us by called "Taste of the Wild" Rocky Mountain flavor which you can get from chewy at a 14% discount.

I decided Taste of the Wild  Rocky Mountain flavor with real salmon, chicken liver and roasted venison in gravy would be the purrfect food for my frisky felines to try in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  I am hoping it will bring a little variety to their diet and encourage their inner tiger to come out for a prowl! Sabu and Zoey seem to love it!

I was impressed that this food actually contains smoked salmon which I know my Tonkinese love.  The bite size chunks are full of protein that is so important for overall cat health. Venison is a highly digestible lean protein source that adds a bit of variety to your cat's diet and also provides nutrients that support strong bones and muscles. Sabu really likes the gravy which also helps him get the water he needs. 

Best of all, A Taste of the Wild is supplemented with antioxidants from fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, blueberries and raspberries that are also good sources of  fiber and vitamin C and A . In addition, Wild Rocky Mountain is grain free and loaded with vitamins including taurine a type of amino acid that is critical for your cat's vision, digestion and heart muscle function. And, who can resist the bright eyes of a cat... my little friend Lars calls Mocha lemonade eyes!

The brand, Taste of the Wild is based on the philosophy that our cats (and dogs too) crave a taste of the wild and their formulas are based on a grain free diet that relies on quality meat and fish plus probiotics that will maximize the nutritional health benefits for your pet, as nature intended. The company has five manufacturing facilities in the U.S. including north and central California, Missouri, South Carolina and Arkansas.

As far as storing canned food it is important to remember that you shouldn't leave an open can of Taste of the Wild out for more than thirty minutes.  It is important to store partially eaten cans properly by covering them or by putting them in an airtight container in the fridge. Cans stored this way should be kept no longer than three days after opening.

When I think of St. Patrick's day, I also think of  Limerick's that gained popularity in the pubs of Ireland where Irish poets composed limericks during their drinking sessions, including some say, a pub in Limerick that was already noted for its pub crawl chorus, "Will you please come up to Limerick ?"

We have a cat named Sabu
 So very bad he is Taboo
I am elegant and must hunt
Not get sent to the front
But without chewy I would bid you adieu

Maxx is the master of staring
He is not disturbed when the music is blaring
At the top of the stairs he looks down
With bright lemonade eyes like a clown
Meowing for chewy for  sharing

Orders of $49 or more ship free in two days from with an additional savings of  5% with automatic shipment. Review of product shipped by chewy

Monday, February 27, 2017

Goat's Milk Purrfect Pairing... for the gang of Five is Solid Gold

Pasteurized and homogenized cow's milk is the most common form of milk consumption in most of the western world; in some parts of the world however, goat's milk is the drink of choice and interestingly enough, goat's milk is digested in 20 minutes whereas cow's milk takes 24-hours.   As I dug a little deeper I saw that the  American Journal of Medicine stated... "goat's milk is the most complete food known" - wow that is a lofty statement that left me stunned as I always thought cow's milk was the most healthy type of all!

This month sent me six containers of  Purrfect Pairings Chicken Mousse cat food with Goat Milk by Solid Gold  -- and, I couldn't wait for  my cats to try it especially considering all the health benefits of goat's milk.  Just what are those benefits for cats (and humans alike)... well they are pretty extensive - goat's milk contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids that are easy for to absorb.  As for the  food from Solid Gold--  I really liked the smell and consistency of this  creamy light and airy grain and gluten free chicken mousse and so did Zivah and Zoey... it was a feeding  delight for the girls!

The added goat milk to this nutrient rich chicken mousse contains essential vitamins including taurine that is the essential amino acid in cats for normal vision, digestion and heart function. For this cat owner, best of all it comes in an easy to serve plastic cup that serves a perfect portion and is easily disposable.  Goat's milk is easily absorbed; the fatty acids in this milk increases digestibility which is especially good for those poor kitty's with sensitive stomachs.  Let's not forget all the vitamins and minerals and naturally occurring probiotics that goat milk contains. In a nutshell goat's milk is easy to digest and causes less allergic reactions because it doesn't contain complex proteins, it has a buffering element  and alkalinizes the digestive system because it is it has high concentrations of amino acid L-glutamine.  And, the Tonks are not going to be left out of all this goodness!

It is hard to believe February is almost over and that spring is around the corner.  This is the time of year the gang of five starts to get restless in anticipation of long walks in the yard and grass.  This is the look of anticipation and  a cat well fed with Solid Gold Purrfect Pairing... chicken and goat milk! So check out where every order over $49 ships free in two days!