Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Wellness and your Cat... Plus 5 things Never to do....

This month, www.chewy.com has sent me a new food by Wellness Core called Simply Shreds Grain Free Wild Salmon and Tuna in a savory broth, and this snack definitely gets two paws up. Wellness Core is crafted with carefully sourced, thoughtfully prepared ingredients in order to bring more love to mealtime and snack time. Save 10% by ordering from chewy.com

About Wellness Core Simply Shreds for Cats
These handy pouches are a grain free boost of pure protein perfect for snacking or topping. They consist of 100% natural cooked shred of fish (or poultry - it comes in several varieties). This hearty and healthy snack will satiate even the pickiest eaters...my gang of five loved the salmon and tuna. I also liked the fact that it is in a savory broth that adds water to their diet.

Product Description
The amazing thing about this nutrient dense food is that each recipe is made with four ingredients or less!  It is packaged in an easy to use 1.7 oz pouch that is sold by the case that includes twelve packets.  This food is a great snack and is intended to be fed in conjunction with a complete and healthy cat food diet. There are several ways your cat can enjoy this food; it can be used as a topper on wet or dry cat food or fed to your cat as an extra special treat, Sabu and Zoey love the extra treat factor!

There are only three ingredients in the Simply Shreds Wild Salmon and Tuna mix that includes: salmon. fish broth and water sufficient for processing tuna.

About Wellness
Wellness, is a family-owned company of pet parents on a mission to raise the bar in pet food, because they believe the right choice at mealtime forms the foundation of a long, happy life together. That's why they do things the right way, not the easy way—they are 100 percent focused on natural nutrition all the time, crafting their pet food and treats recipes that are carefully sourced and thoughtfully prepared. They use the finest, natural ingredients, ensure the highest quality standards, and create delicious recipes pets crave to make every mealtime count. 


1. Put your cat outdoors unsupervised. If your cat is an indoor cat putting them in the great outdoors can confuse or frighten them... keep kitty harnessed or leashed for your peace of mind and to reassure the cat with your presence.

2. Never leave windows open without a screen. By nature cats are curious and an open screenless window (been there... my cat knocked it out because the screen was not secure) so-- make sure your screens are secure...  if they aren't this can lead to roof climbing (they like it - you won't) or worse, a fall  depending on the roof and screen.

3. Never put off a vet visit.  Even if your cat acts healthy cats can have subtle health shifts that an annual exam can identify and treat.

4. Never hold your cat on your lap while driving- it just isn't safe or smart.  A range free cat can become a flying object if you stop quickly.

5. Deal with  hairballs, never ignore them. Cats groom constantly - if you have long hair cats, give them a hand and groom them.  This will help reduce the number of hairballs by reducing the amount of hair your cat swallows... plus brushing is a wonderful way to bond with your cat.

Monday, July 31, 2017

For the Love of Shoes and Blue Buffalo's Variety Pack!

It is time for a summer picnic and  www.chewy.com sent me a 12 count variety pack of cat food by Blue Wilderness and we can't wait to try it. As you can see, Mocha is waiting patiently to be served!  This is not your "boring" pack of food with the usual suspects, turkey and beef; this variety pack consists of four cans of duck, 4 cans of salmon and four cans of chicken. 

Chewy.com is offering the 12 count variety pack for 19% off, you save $3. I like the fact that this gives my gang of five something different to try, they really enjoyed the duck, it was different for them and they gobbled it all up! 
Why Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pate is a Healthy Choice for Your Cat
This Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pate is based on the diet of the lynx that thrives on a meat in the wild.  This special formula was crafted to provide your cat with a natural, ancestral diet with nutritional levels established by the AAFCO cat food nutrient profiles.

  • This holistic food is made in the USA with high quality, natural ingredients.
  • It is made with real meat or fish.
  • Some brands of cat food use wheat to thicken their product, a trigger for allergies in some cats. Blue Buffalo never uses wheat to thicken food.
  • No chicken/poultry by-products, artificial preservatives, corn or soy are added.
  • This high protein pate is 100% grain free and fortified with vitamins and minerals.
  • This food is recommended for adult cats.
  • And, most important, my gang of five prefer pate as opposed to flakes, minced or bits. 
About Shoes
For some reason, tons of cat owners will verify that they have or have had a cat that loves to lay on shoes. Something about that intoxicating scent of a million different smells mixed together on the bottom of your feet intrigues your little kitty. The shoes are from my favorite shoe company Icon Shoes - www.iconshoes.com they also make other fab accessories. It looks like themaxx likes them too!!
Why Cats Love Shoes
  • They want to smell where you’ve been all day.
  •  Rubbing against shoes can be their way of reclaiming you as their territory 
  •  Cats have scent glands in their foreheads and cheeks so rubbing their face against objects like shoes is a type of marking territory. Your scent is comforting, it may sound strange but some cats  the smell of our sweat relaxes cats.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thinking Inside the Box... Kitty Litter

If you have indoor cats, there is no getting around cat litter, it is a necessity and a two billion dollar a year industry ! This year, cat litter celebrated its seventy year birthday. It was invented in 1947 by Edward Lowe who was living in Michigan selling sand, sawdust and clay to heavy industries that used this material to soak up spills.

The Story of Kitty Litter

An acquaintance of Lowe's asked for help, she didn't like the sand her cat dragged through her house. Most people used sand in litter boxes at the time. Lowe knew that clay was absorbent, so he gave her a bag of clay and her cats seemed to like it...and so did she, it was absorbent and cut down on odor.

 Edward knew he hit pay dirt so to speak with a money making idea to sell clay to cat owners. He went around the country selling "Kitty Litter" for .69 cents a bag to pet stores, he even showed off his product at cat shows and in 1964 he founded his company Tidy Cat. In 1990 he sold his company to a management team that changed the name of the company to Golden Cat Corporation. Following his death, the Golden Cat Corporation was sold to Ralston Purina.

Fresh Step Extreme - Hawaiian Aloha

This month, chewy.com sent me one of the best items yet, a new fabulously smelling kitty litter, Fresh Step Extreme and I am hooked.  It really has an amazing smell and is really effective at controlling odors, with five cats, this is critical!

Cats can take a bathroom break on litter that is as fresh as a Hawaiian Breeze with the new litter just released by Fresh Step. One of the keys to this formula that will make your house guests wonder if you even have cats is that it uses febreze to eliminate odors continuously, 24/7.


  • Febreze works to eliminate odors, not mask them.
  • This litter uses advanced clumplock technology that makes clean-up easy-- and less clean up time for  you!
  • The formula is low dust, there is nothing worse than litter dust on surfaces and in the air. It will cut down on constantly sweeping up litter dust.
  • It is made for multi cat households.
  • Extreme uses antimicrobial agents to stop the growth of  bacteria that causes odors.
  • It lasts ten days so it is very cost effective. A 35 pound bag of Fresh Step Extreme is equivalent to a 50 pound bag of other non-clumping litter.

There are so many types of cat litter on the market these days it is hard to make a choice of what litter to use. I have found that Fresh Step Extreme is the best alternative kitty litter for my gang of five. Chewy.com is offering Fresh Step Extreme at a 37% savings, a 14 pound box is only $6.64.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

How to Keep Cats Cool....

It is summer and measures are always taken to protect vulnerable groups, such as older people and young children from its effects. But what about another risk group: our cats? Chewy.com has tons of great products that keep pets cool...


Cats enjoy warm weather. They are also good at keeping themselves cool if necessary with a little help from their human friends.
  • Don't let your cat go outside between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Do apply a pet sunscreen that can't be licked off to the nose and ears of pale colored cats if they do go outside.
  • Do let your cat choose a cool place to lie down. They will naturally gravitate toward a cool tile floor, fan or ac in the summer, just like they curl up next to a fireplace or heat vent in the winter.
  • Keep your curtains closed during the hottest part of the day in south or west facing windows -- this will also help to save on a/c bills.
  • Don't worry if your cat is sleepy during the day, they sleep up to 16 hours a day anyway; and sensibly, they  nap even more on a hot day, rather than rushing about on a hot day getting hotter.
  • Don't worry if your cat seems to be grooming more than usual. This is a cooling mechanism similar to sweating; as the saliva evaporates off the its fur, the cat will cool down.
  • Don't worry if your cat starts panting; it is the way they take in cooler air if they are  unusually hot.  Heavy panting could be cause for concern.
  • Do pay attention to your cat's paws, they have sweat glands on their paws.  If your cat is leaving wet paw prints, it is sweating and needs to replenish fluids.
  • Make sure your cat has plenty of cold, clean, fresh water. I leave two water bowls around the house in addition to their cat water fountain.  
  • As an extra tip,  drop a few ice cubes in the water bowls and fountain basin.
  • NEVER EVER leave your cat in a car.

Ready to  Celebrate Summer

The other day, we received a special gift from www.chewy.com and we are ready to celebrate summer!   Remember if you order more than $49, shipping is free and an extra 5% savings for auto ship. Products come within two days of ordering.  Many products are discounted between 5 & 20%. And, as an FYI this mouse is one of their favorite toys!

Friday, June 23, 2017

A summer solstice party with Evo

EVO cat food is a definite winner and is a favorite of the breeder of my Tonkinese cats, Great Pine Farm ...they were raised on it. The wet food contains no grains, gluten or potato.  Evo is 95% protein. This tasty food is rounded out with the addition of ingredients like apples, carrots, cranberries, tomatoes, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids.  I tried out the Evo 95 grain free chicken and turkey food from chewy.com that comes in a case of 24 5.5 oz cans.

Just the Facts

  • Packed with 95% chicken and  turkey this is a highly nutritious cat food  helps maintain a cat's healthy skin, luxurious coat, bright eyes and, it even increases their energy.  
  • It is good for cats with diabetes and cats with skin and digestive issues.
  • This formula is based on what a cat would eat in the wild because it is high in protein and has added fruit and veggies in it. 
  • Because Evo is grain free it helps to  eliminate digestive problems caused by grains and starches in cats.  
  • You can serve the pate style wet food as a topper for dry food, or it can be served on its own.  My cats like it both ways. 
  • Evo is good for cats in all stages of life. Note how they are "shoveling" it in!!

Who Makes Evo

The company that makes Evo is called Natura Pet Products that was founded in 1989 in Santa Clara California.  In 2010, the company was bought out by Procter and Gamble. Natura Pet Products also owns California Natural, Karma and Innova.

Where to Buy

Chewy.com is offering 20% off on Evo plus an additional 5% savings if you sign up for auto shipping.  Orders over $49 ship free and arrive in two days.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nature's Variety and Healthy Cravings

Simply put, cats are meat eaters, they crave meat and need it to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Nature Variety's Natural Instinct Healthy Cravings serves up a protein rich cat food that provides a wholesome and healthy dining experience for your cat...after all, why should your cat eat when he or she can dine!

The Recipe

Chewy.com is offering Nature Variety's Natural Instinct Healthy Cravings Tender Chicken recipe in a delicious gravy this month at 20% off, they sent me some to try out on the gang of five; I had four takers!  

  • Chicken Broth
  • Chicken Liver
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Pea Flour- excellent source of carbs, fibre and protein
  • Natural Flavor
  • Sodium Phosphate- common thickening agent
  • Guar Gum- common emulsifier
  • Salt
  • DL-Methionine - one of 10 plus essential amino acids required by  cats and dog

How to Serve 

Add the Natural Instinct Healthy Cravings, that consists of cuts of cage free chicken in savory gravy to complement your cat's meal whether serving wet or dry food.
  • Use as these tasty chunks  as a topper for  pate style wet food to add to the variety of your cat's diet
  • Use  these grain free chunks as an added treat to dry food to improve water intake and for a treat
  • Use the pouch as a treat and a break from  pate style cat food.

About Nature's Variety

I like companies that are local in the sense that they are located in the United States and that they use ingredients from trusted sources. This company got its start in Lincoln Nebraska and is a leader in producing  grain free high protein food for  dogs and cats.   And after all this...  it is time to unwind -- the cat zen nap!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Good Vibrations and Blue Buffalo

It is a rather gloomy day in Connecticut as we honor all our fallen heros on this sombre Memorial Day.  For some of us lucky folks...and cat lovers, a purring cat seems to have an uncanny ability to brighten our days (even rainy ones)...and if they are purring all the better!  These adorable little rumbling vibrations indicate that a cat is content, but there is much more to it than that.  When a cat purrs, humans benefit too--including everything from heart health to blood pressure and, bone, yes bone growth benefits! I was especially interested in the connection between bone growth and the vibrations of purring.

The vibrations of purring cats have been studied and are believed to  have healing properties.  It is thought that  one reason why cats purr in the first place is related to their own internal health benefits. However, it has been found that the soothing vibrations of purring help their pet friends as well with everything from swelling and sore joints to broken bones!  Studies have shown that a cat's purr can build up bone strength, making it easier for bones to heal after a break or fracture. It has been found that the best frequencies for promoting bone strength is around 25-50 Hz, and since most cats purr at close to or above 20 Hz, these cuddly rumbles promote bone health!

Speaking of health, I like to feed my cats healthy treats and www.chewy.com sent me Blue Buffalo's delightful "Kitty Yums" Savory Salmon Recipe.  These soft little nuggets of goodness are made with real deboned salmon, wholesome brown rice, oatmeal and fish oil. These treats don't contain chicken or poultry by product meals, corn, wheat or soy.   They are a purrfect treat  for cats that help promote healthy skin and joints that all cats need to be active...just look at sleek Sabu performing on the bannister railing!
Salmon is a nutritional superstar because it has so many vitamins, minerals proteins and essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 that help lubricate joints. With well lubricated joints, your cat can pounce, jump, run and stand on their hind legs well into their senior years! Kitty Yums are only 2 calories per treat and are full of nutritional goodness that you will love feeding to your four legged purring friends. Chewy.com offers Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums @ a 20% discount!